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AWA’s Court Of Appeal Campaign – ‘Last Chance To Protect Our Water!’

Why we’re fundraising again:

Now, if you feel like you’re having a deja vu moment you’re not going mad – we HAVE run this Court of Appeal campaign once before…

With NZ’s help we raised $55,000 to get to the Court of Appeal, but the High Court took us by surprise and awarded the respondents over $70,000 in costs.

After paying that, we still have some funds in the bank but we need to raise at least another $30,000 – all for legal bills.

N.B. Our committee team is 100% happily unpaid, so every cent you give goes towards legal costs.

Finally, if we win (and we think we can), any money left unspent, and any costs awarded in our favour, will be set aside for other community legal cases that aim to protect our wai.

To make a donation, visit our Pledge Me campaign page, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date!

Alternatively, you can make a direct donation to our Kiwibank account: 38-9019-0530141-00, please click here for more details.

Disgruntled anti-water bottling protester holds up a sign reading, "Stop giving our water away."

We are communities against water mining

Aotearoa Water Action (AWA) provides support to communities across the country who are battling to protect water security in their region. We will continue providing support and consultation to committed groups nationwide. If water in your region is being threatened by exploitation, get in touch with us and find out more information on how we can help.

We are locals raising awareness & taking action

Water bottling companies are mining NZ aquifers nationwide. AWA’s current focus is on the Belfast bottling plants in Christchurch. We won the first round of our legal battle at the High Court against ECAN and two water mining companies. Winning this case will set an important precedent for NZ, overturning the use of old industrial consents for water bottling.

We Need Public Concern Over Water Exploitation

Many Kiwis are becoming increasingly concerned about what is happening with our water in New Zealand as corporations are attempting to buy up water rights to bottle vast quantities of our water and sell it.

Aotearoa Water Action (AWA) wants to bring attention to the reality of what is happening in this country and what it means for the future.

Water is life, and is required for the well-being of all living things. We do not want to lose control of our precious water to corporate interests.

We need your support to protect nz water sovereignty

Your support matters. Climate breakdown is a reality, and water is becoming an increasingly threatened resource, with aquifers collapsing and being depleted in many parts of the world.

We are facing a global water crisis, existing laws and trade agreements compromise the government’s ability to protect our water from a growing global demand.

The people of NZ are calling on this government to prohibit existing, and any further granting of consents that extracts and exports our water.

To combat this, we need to start at flax roots. Aotearoa Water Action is run entirely by locals and volunteers. Your support goes a long way!

Bottle off campaign

Aotearoa Water Action WON the first round of proceedings in late 2018 but both water mining companies have appealed the Court’s decision.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to defend the Court’s decision and fund round 2 of our appeal.

Winning this will help to protect water for our communities, set an important precedent for NZ, and continue protecting our water for generations to come.

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Image credits: Marney Brosnan – Mahi Pai Media

A special thanks and gratitude to all our donors, volunteers, and supporters.
Especially those who are battling water exploitation that’s happening all over the country.
All your time, energy, and determination cannot be appreciated enough, kia kaha.